Orange County, California


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Orange County Time Zone Differences with Selected U.S. Cities

City Hours From Orange County Local Time
(Pacific Standard Time)
Anchorage, Alaska -1
Atlanta, Georgia +3
Boston, Mass. +3
Chicago, Illinois +2
Cleveland, Ohio +3
Dallas, Texas +2
Denver, Colorado +1
Detroit, Michigan +3
Guam +18
Honolulu, Hawaii -2
Houston, Texas +2
Indianapolis, Indiana +2
Las Vegas, Nevada same time
Miami, Florida +3
Minneapolis, Minnesota +2
Montgomery, Alabama +2
New Orleans, Louisiana +2
New York, New York +3
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania +3
Phoenix, Arizona +1
Portland, Oregon same time
St. Louis, Missouri +2
San Francisco same time
San Juan, Puerto Rico +4
Seattle, Washington same time
St. Paul, Minnesota +2
Washington, DC +3



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