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City of San Juan Capistrano           

General Law City
Incorporated: April 19, 1961
City Hall:
32400 Paseo Adelanto, San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675
City Telephones: (949) 493-1171; Fax (949) 493-1053
Population (2000 Census): 33,826 (1990 Census: 26,183) (For latest estimated population, click here)
Population Density (2000 Census): 2,380
Population Under Age 18 (2000 Census): 28.1% (1990 Census: 26.5%)
Population Over Age 64 (2000 Census): 13.1% (1990 Census: 12.9%)
Land Area: 14.21 square miles (36.79 square kilometers)
Water Area: 0.14 square miles (0.36 square kilometers)
Geographic Coordinates (Latitude/Longitude): 33.499493-117.661614

Other City Facts & Statistics

San Juan Capistrano Chamber of Commerce: PO Box 1878, San Juan Capistrano, CA 92693-1878; (949) 493-4700; Fax (949) 489-2695

In 1775, Spanish Viceroy Bucareli directed that the next new mission to be established in Alta California (Upper California) would be named in honor of San Juan Capistrano (Saint John Capistrano, 1385-1456). The saint, although a priest, became a war hero when defending Vienna against the Turks. The mission was first established here in 1775 and formally dedicated by Father Serra in 1776. Father Serra named the mission San Juan Capistrano de Quanis-savit. The community that ultimately grew up around it adopted the mission's short name.



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