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      Orange County Sheriff's Department

The Sheriff of Orange County oversees the second largest Sheriff's department in California (following Los Angeles County) and the fourth largest in the nation, providing police services to all unincorporated county areas as well as to 12 of Orange County's 34 municipalities with police service contracts. The Sheriff also manages the county's jail system, processing more than 60,000 bookings each year and supervising more than 4,600 prisoners at any given time (excluding mental ward inmates). The Sheriff also provides courtroom bailiffs and serves process for Orange County's court system. The Sheriff also provides police services for John Wayne Airport, all Orange County harbors and the entire bus system of the Orange County Transportation Authority (OCTA). In addition, the Sheriff is the Coroner of Orange County and oversees the Coroner Division that investigates more than half the deaths that occur in Orange County.

Sheriff's Headquarters, Divisions and Bureaus

550 N Flower St, Santa Ana (Building 40);
(714) 647-7000

Investigations Division
Court Operations Division
Jail Operations Division
Communications Division
Special Services Division
Operations Division
Coroner Division

Total number of sworn officers: 1,861
Total number of civilian employees: 1,728
Figures as
of 2002

Source: Orange County Sheriff's Dept.



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