Orange County, California


Remembering these law enforcement officers who were killed
while serving the people of Orange County...

Anaheim Police Department
Nelson, Gary A., 1975
Roulston, Robert T., 1988

Brea Police Department
Valenzuela, Danny , 1995
Fincher, Terry L., 1996

Buena Park Police Department
Cate, Darrel D., 1972
Pinchot, Tyler M., 2003

California Highway Patrol
Madere, Camile E., 1958
Winney, Leonard W., 1959
Dale, Robert D., 1960
Steel, John L., 1993
Burt, Don J., 1996

Costa Mesa Police Department
Ketchum, James D. "Dave", 1987
Libolt, John W. "Mike", 1987

Cypress Police Department
Sowma, Donald J. Sr., 1976

Fullerton Police Department
Hatch, Jerry S., 1975
De La Rosa, Tommy , 1990

Garden Grove Police Department
Trapp, Myron L., 1959
Reese, Andrew R., 1970
Reed, Donald F., 1980
Rainford, Michael L., 1980
Dallies, Howard E. Jr., 1993

Huntington Beach Police Department
Darst, Le Roy, 1928
Prince, Leslie J., 1974
Keller, Robert H., 1967

La Habra Police Department
Osornio, Michael A., 1994

Laguna Beach Police Department
French, Gordon G., 1953

Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department
Barton, James R. (Sheriff), 1857

Newport Beach Police Department
Marshall, John C., 1962
Henry, Robert J., 1995
Van Horn, Steven D., 1997

Orange County Sheriff's Department
Squires, Robert (Undersheriff), 1912
Stanley, Ezra , 1940
Shultz, Robert L., 1958
Tonkin, Mark S., 1988
Robins, Darryn L., 1993
Riches, Bradley J., 1999
Parsons, Steven E., 2000
Davis, Matthew R., 2002

Orange County Traffic
Hurd, Lauren E., 1927
Matthews, Jim, 1929

Placentia Police Department
Little, Joey D., 1996

Santa Ana Police Department
Jensen, Edwin R., 1931
Sasscer, Nelson K., 1969
Hale, Daniel A., 1977

Seal Beach Police Department
Clavell, Edward W. Jr., 1988

Tustin Police Department
Karp, Waldron , 1973

Westminster Police Department
Phillips, Steven, 2004




 Special thanks to The California Peace Officers Memorial

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