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Wealthiest Persons in Orange County, 2004

Name Age Net Worth Residence Source of Wealth
Bren, Donald L 72 $4.3 billion Newport Beach Real Estate
Nicholas, Henry Thompson III 45 $1.6 billion Laguna Hills Broadcom
Samueli, Henry 50 $1.4 billion Newport Beach Broadcom
Argyros, George Leon 67 $1.1 billion Newport Beach Investments
Gross, William H 60 $1.0 billion Newport Beach Investments
Earhart, Anne Catherine Getty 52 $775 million Laguna Beach Inheritance

Source: Forbes Magazine


Donald Bren's personal wealth of $4 billion makes him the wealthiest resident of Orange County and the seventh wealthiest resident in California (Lawrence Ellison of Oracle Corp., the wealthiest Californian, had $13.7 billion).  He also ranks 38th among the nation's wealthiest persons (Ellison ranks 10th).

According to Forbes Magazine, California in 2004 was home to 98 persons who had a personal net worth of $550 million or more. Of these, six reside in Orange County.



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