Orange County, California


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Orange County Assessor                                     

Webster J. Guillory

Term of Office: 4 years
Entered Office: 1998
Current Term Ends: 2006


Orange County Assessor
12 Civic Center Plaza, Room 142
P.O. Box 149
Santa Ana, CA 92702-014

Public Service Center: 630 N Broadway, Bldg 12, Santa Ana Civic Center, Rm 142

Telephone: (714) 834-2727
Web Site:

Personal Information

Previous Occupation: more than 30 years as a Business Manager in the private and public sector.
Education: MS (USC), Civil Structural Engineering; BS (Northrup University) Aerospace Engineering.


What Does the County Assessor Do?

The Assessor is responsible for 1) determining the value of all taxable property in the county for property tax purposes; 2) publishing assessment reports to be provided to property owners on valuation notices. The Assessor does NOT establish tax rates or collect property taxes.



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