Orange County, California


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Illegal Immigrants in California

According to the U.S. Bureau of Citizenship & Immigration Services (BCIS), an estimated 2,209,000 unauthorized immigrants resided in California in 2000, up from 1,476,000 in 1990. This number represented about 32 percent of the entire estimated unauthorized immigrant population in the United States (estimated to be 7 million). BCIS estimated that about 6.5 percent of California's population in 2000 were unauthorized immigrants.  A majority were from Mexico. Across the entire United States, an estimated 4.8 million unauthorized immigrants were from Mexico, up from 2.0 million in 1990.

Orange County

If 6.5 percent of California's population were unauthorized immigrants and this percentage were applied to Orange County, there would have been approximately 185,000 unauthorized immigrant residents in the county in 2000.



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